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  • “We call it Curvy”

    By Emma Wendt Size inclusivity is growing within the fashion industry. Renowned director of the New York STATE Management curve division Susan Georget hopes that plus size fashion will become part of the norm. The fashion industry is in the midst of a global rising plus-size phenomenon. Plus size models…

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  • Multiculturalism as a way of life: Bijlmer

    Photograph of “I love Iran” sticker in the center of Bijlmer, by Salvador Nito Salvador Nito and Sebastian Aceves Far away from the bustling and iconic Amsterdam city center, a neighborhood located in Zuidoost thrives in multiculturality and breaths an air of its own. This is Bijlmermeer, also known as…

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  • Can virtual reality experiences make you more empathetic?

    By Livia Hirsch The night around me is pitch black, it engulfs me. I am in front of the train which pushes me forward. I feel helpless as I see the gates of the camp looming in the distance. I hear guards yelling, dogs barking, and the wheels turning against…

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