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  • From Kentucky to New York City

    by Tatiana Costa Lopes   New York is the fashion capital of the United States. Tatiana met up with McKenzie and Bryson, two young people from Louisville, Kentucky trying to make it in the Big Apple. They shared their hopes, goals and less exciting realities of moving from a small…

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  • On night patrol with The Dark Guardian

    By Dana Dübbers and Laura Hornberger   The appearance of Chris Pollak is reminiscent of the colourful but shady figures of superheroes in comic books. As his alias Dark Guardian, he patrols Staten Island at night to keep the neighbourhood safe. Is this a cry for attention or a necessary…

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  • Living in the Big Bagel

    By Dalla Coulibaly   Fantastic, amazing New York… With its beautiful skyscrapers, its amazing subway system and of course their bagels. I just want to say that if you don’t love bagels, you are free to leave this page -immediately. I’ve been for almost a week and I had a…

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  • Escaping the price

    By Livia Hirsch Fare evasion has skyrocketed since 2015. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (M.T.A.) expects to lose $215 million dollars in 2019 due to fare evasion on subway and buses. Close to 208,000 people ride the subway every day without paying. This equals to approximately 4% of all daily commuters.…

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  • Rangers vs Islanders: The ‘Battle’ of New York

    By Denise van der Bij New York hosts ten major league sports teams. Among them there are some intense team rivalries. On January 10, the heated ice hockey game between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders was played at the Madison Square Garden. Even though there were…

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  • German immigration in New York

    By Brianna Novak    In the 19th century more than 370.000 Germans came to New York City. They lived in districts like Kleindeutschland on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Yorkville on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After both world wars they were given a bad image which…

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  • The Caravan of Migrants

    By Sebastián Aceves  New York City is also known as the place where migrants can find the American Dream. However, around 12,000 people from Central American have walked over 4,000 kilometers leaving their homeplaces. This huge exodus called the Caravan of Migrants are now stuck in Tijuana, Mexico, which is…

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  • The citizens of the New York subway

    by Lebrina Latupeirissa   Have you ever been to New York and realized that right under your feet lays the largest transit system in the world by number of stations? The New York subway counts 472 stations in operation. Did you noticed that the subway is more than just a…

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  • A week in the Fat Apple

    By Vincent Leb Nearly three out of five New Yorkers were obese or overweight in 2016, according to numbers of the city council. But why? Some reflections on a week spent in Midtown Manhattan. It is 3 am when I suddenly wake up out of nowhere. My stomach feels like…

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  • New York’s drag queens show kids it’s okay to be themselves

    By Evelina Kulp   Drag Queen Story Hour in New York are teaching kids that there are many ways to be, one story at a time. Having a positive queer role model makes a huge difference.’ ‘Does anybody know what a drag queen is?’, Chalula Lemon asks as she steps…

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