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  • Travel from your Sofa to your Desired Holiday Destination

    It seems too good to be true – a ‘real’ travel experience whilst you’re actually just chilling on your sofa at home. Possible travel destinations are endless. From sunbathing in Bali and sightseeing in Tokyo, to skiing in the French Alps – there is so much choice. Fabian Baardolf is…

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  • The Future is Insecure

    Column By: Anonymous No trouble at work, no bad grades at school, no issues with friends. I suppose we’ve all experienced this at some point. Life seems to be going your way. I hate to be the one to break it to you – but it’s a matter of time…

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  • Mum, dad and their boyfriend

    MUM, DAD AND THEIR BOYFRIEND An interview with Elisabeth Sheff With our society slowly opening up to more sexualities, the world is starting to become more accepting and diverse. However, for many people relationships are still only between two people – a concept that is called monogamy. But the contrary…

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  • The Bright Future of Korean Skin Care

    Donkey milk, horse semen and placenta don’t sound like things you would happily smother your face with, right? Think again. Korean beauty products, known as ‘K-Beauty’ by fans, are taking over the Western beauty scene. K-Beauty products are known for their unique, sometimes bizarre ingredients and cute packaging. By Ife…

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  • Keep your car data safe

    Cars are constantly collecting huge amounts of data that is being used for many different purposes. These purposes include; driving and parking assistance or navigation systems. While this data is used in convenient and efficient ways, the collection of personal data in cars – such as location, speed and braking…

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  • Follwers-Fame-Fortune: The future of the Internet Stars

    Article and photographs by Elif Doganyigit Pictures by Pixabay The Internet has developed a new category of personality – the Internet Star. Internet fame can last from 15 minutes to a lifetime. All of a sudden, one can find themselves on the news or a late-night show. It’s even possible…

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  • Nostalgia: Where the Past Meets the Future

    by Megan Whitfield Some people crave the future, others crave the past. The times we handwrote letters to our loved ones, hand-sewed beautiful things, listened to vinyl on our record players. These experiences of nostalgia are rife amongst the youth of today, as we figure out our lives in the…

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  • PODCAST: The Future of Europe

    By Valentina Kress Once a powerful, dominant structure, the European Union is experiencing hard times. Faced with challenges such as Brexit, the European refugee crisis, and political and authoritarian instability, many are left wondering how the EU is going to cope.  In her podcast, Valentine Kress explores this topic, investigating…

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  • Changing the Pizza Industry – Workplace Automation

    Changing the Pizza Industry – Workplace Automation Robots and food. It seems like a golden combination. One of the biggest game changers in this field is ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB), a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation. This corporation operates with one-hundred-and-forty-thousand employees around the globe, working every day to robotise the world…

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  • What if the world woke up vegan?

    Podcast and infographic by Isa Radich and Megan Whitfield Picture by Pixabay With veganism being one of the biggest diet trends of our age, the question that poses itself is: How sustainable is it really? For more details and to find out whether we can save our planet by going…

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