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  • Beauty and the Blame: Scapegoats

    By  Brianna Novak   If something goes wrong, people often look for a scapegoat to blame. This happens at work, with family, amongst friends and even in politics. But what exactly is a scapegoat and why do people want to blame others for their problems? A story from Berlin. The…

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  • Living in a Bachelor’s Paradise

    By Sebastian Aceves Young men like John and Nick spend their last night as bachelors in Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District. Shortly before getting married and promising loyalty to their fiancées, they get drunk, visit peep shows and sleep with prostitutes. Their sinful behaviour is completely accepted – for the…

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  • There is no guilt in pleasure

    by Mathilde de Gooijer   I love Eurovision. There, I said it. I always go crazy and I even make my own predictions. I can’t be the only one enjoying this musical extravaganza: This year, 186 million viewers gathered in front of their TVs to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Still,…

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  • Violence against emergency workers? These ambulance-workers don’t see it

    By Sam van der Loo   At the beginning of November, it was announced that ambulance staff in the Netherlands will receive bullet and stab-proof vests and helmets. This advice came from branch organization Ambulancezorg Nederland (AZN) and is accepted by all regional ambulance services. Much to the surprise of…

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  • Women-only gym on the rise in Amsterdam

    By Evelina Kulp and Jet Beers   Ladies only wellness, hair salon and gym; the number of ladies-only facilities in Amsterdam is growing. Previously, gyms solely for women attracted mainly women with a religious background, but nowadays the interest is spreading to non-religious women as well. Beer Atalay is a…

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  • Can virtual reality experiences make you more empathetic?

    By Livia Hirsch The night around me is pitch black, it engulfs me. I am in front of the train which pushes me forward. I feel helpless as I see the gates of the camp looming in the distance. I hear guards yelling, dogs barking, and the wheels turning against…

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  • Hundreds of schools face closures if pupil quota is applied

    Livia Hirsch and Emma Wendt One in seven primary schools across the Netherlands has too few students, according to a new pupil norm introduced this year. This means, over 900 schools face the threat of closure. Wilma de Vries, a mother of two living in Epe, says “Luckily it seems…

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  • “In the Netherlands I earn as much as a doctor in Budapest”

    Photo taken by Denise van der Bij Denise van der Bij While Hungary is dealing with major immigration problems, there is a wave of young, intelligent Hungarians leaving the country because of xenophobia and low salaries. “I only got 520 euro a month while I worked for 48 hours a…

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  • Shield and Friends was known by UNIA

    “Flanders is in our blood,” one of the images that Schild and Vrienden spread on social media.  Amber Vuylsteke UNIA, the Belgian organisation against racism and discrimination, already kept an eye on Schild and Vrienden (Shield and Friends). This is an extreme right-wing youth group disseminating racist comments. The organisation…

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  • Tourism in Amsterdam

    Now online! The Campus Creators radio show about tourism in Amsterdam. It’s well known that Amsterdam has to deal with the growth of tourism in the city center. Is the the growth of tourism getting to big? Click on the link below to listen to the full radio show:

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