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  • Streetwear: hype and big money

    by Salvador Nito Wong   Limited collections, strong marketing and inflated prices: creating hypes – for making more profit – has become rampant among fashion brands. Brands can go a long way, taking the price of a single construction brick from $30 to a $500. ‘I love hype, it’s a…

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  • The myth of monogamy

    by Emma Wendt   Monogamous relationships are still considered the norm in Western society. However, some people have started to question whether monogamy is doing us more harm than good. ‘True love is passionate love that never fades; if you are in true love, you should marry that person; if…

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  • Wonder oil

    by Babette Res   Cannabis is commonly used for recreational purposes, but many use it as a medicine to lessen pain. Still the taboo remains. Cannabidiol, most commonly referred to as ‘CBD oil’, is a chemical compound found in cannabis or marijuana plants. Next to CBD, you find Tetrahydrocannabinol, better…

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  • Hammer time

    by Salvador Nito Wong   Ever felt so angry that you could bust a window? At CarSmash Amsterdam, you pay to release your rage. The dark clouds above announce the upcoming rainfall. There is an electric charge in the air. Down in a scrapyard, located in Vijfhuizen, another storm is…

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  • Let’s talk about sin, baby

    by Vincent Leb   Catholic priest Wim Veth debates why the influence of the church has diminished. The conversation soon involves priests on Twitter, modern-day sins and what Veth himself would have to admit in the confessional.   Wim Veth (54) serves as a priest at Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk on…

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  • The rise of racism

    By Robin R. Chün   Racism and intolerance have increased in the United Kingdom after the Brexit referendum, a report by the UN shows. The Netherlands is experiencing a similar development. Have racism and open intolerance become more accepted in the political debate? ‘Nowadays it’s much easier to make racist and…

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  • I was a sugar baby for a week

    by Tatiana Costa Lopes   You may have heard of the word ‘sugar baby’, but do you know what it really means? Tatiana knows all about it. sugar daddy (noun): typically an older wealthy man that financially compensates young attractive girls in exchange for their attention, physical affection, time and…

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  • Desperately in debt

    by Mathilde de Gooijer   Money makes the world go round, they say –  but what happens if all of that cash is gone all of a sudden? Debt can affect anyone with a little misfortune. How should we deal with debt in our current judgmental society? Bills are piling…

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  • Bringing the rainbow to the field

    By Sebastian Aceves   45 athletes openly declared themselves as members of the LGBT community in the last Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Nevertheless, inclusion and acceptance of queer players remains a challenging issue in the sports industry. British football player Justin Fashanu became one of…

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  • Guilt-free Gluttony: solution or illusion?

    By Mathilde de Gooijer   Fitness influencers tell us on their blogs that refined sugar is pure evil and gluten and animal products are to be blamed for any physical or mental inconvenience. They share creative recipes for baked goods and desserts without sugar, fat or dairy, claiming these alternatives…

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