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  • What are your sins?

    by Babette Res However everybody would like to live a perfect life, we are all guilty of a little sin. Was it that you were underaged drinking, or ‘accidentally’ steal something. Don’t feel ashamed about it, we are all sinners…….

  • Teachers and bullying: “When do I interfere?”

    By Nina Müller With the improvement of educational systems, the pressure on teachers has increased. Now that violent discipline measurements have become a thing of the past, bullying is the new big problem. But teachers are often unsure how to handle it. The European Union has one of the best…

  • Falsifying your ID card is ‘a piece of cake’

    By Sam van der Loo   It’s every teenager’s nightmare: seeing your friends entering the nightlife, while one is being refused by a strict bouncer. Many of them found a solution to this dilemma: a forged ID card. A quick fix which is a crime and therefore illegal. It can…

  • “Micro Cheating!“

    by Nina Müller   There is a new phenomenon wandering around the media landscape: micro cheating. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Micro cheating basically describes all those small acts that aren’t really a betrayal of your partner yet still make you wonder if what you’re doing…

  • The ten commandments in modern society

    by Brianna Novak   Known to everyone, but who respects them nowadays? According to the bible, God handed the Ten Commandments to the prophet Moses on the mountain of Sinai. The commandments have since been regarded as the key to a successful life. The orders oversee an individual’s relationship with…

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