Megan Whitfield

Megan Whitfield (20)-  Megan is from Melbourne, Australia, where she studies Journalism at RMIT University. Her goal is to one day write for one of the countless magazines she grew up reading, discussing all things lifestyle and culture. For now though, she’s pretty happy wandering the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and eating her weight in Frites met Mayo.

Elisabeth Ulla Uksnøy

Elisabeth Ulla Uksnøy (21) - Elisabeth grew up in a small town on the west coast of Norway, but as a city girl by heart she studies journalism in Oslo. She has a passion for fashion, writing and photography and hopes to one day make a living out of that. Her main goal is of course to become the next Anna Wintour.

Rachel Douglass

Rachel Douglass (21)- Rachel is a student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and is currently doing the International Journalism minor at Hogeschool van Amsterdam, After graduating in a year, she hopes to combine her love of travelling with her career goals related to fashion and culture journalism.

Viva van Jaarsveld

Viva van Jaarsveld (22) - Viva is studying media, information and communication at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Her ambition is to work for an established online magazine or a newspaper. Viva believes that the future of media lies in the cloud. She would like to write about fashion, travel, human interest and health, but she is also open to take different directions in her career as a journalist.

Ife Alayande

Ife Alayande (21)- Ife studies Media, Information & Communication at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She would love to work in Television, preferably for a travel or music show.

Isabella Radich

Isabella Radich- Bonjour, her friends. Isa (which is pronounced “eeza”, by the way, not “ice-ah”) was born and raised in the beautiful city Vienna, where she studies Journalism & Media Management. For the next five months, she’s here in Amsterdam to, as her Dutch teacher put it, “lekker studeeren.”

Kimberly van Dijk

Kimberly van Dijk (21) - Kimberly is from the Netherlands, and is studying Media, Information and Communication at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Her ultimate job would be to combine photography, writing, online marketing and traveling. Starting a travel blog is a realistic possibility.

Anja Gehring

Anja Gehring (22)- In Stuttgart, Germany, Anja is studying Media publishing- so she knows how to publish all the articles and books but not how to write them yet. In Amsterdam, she hopes to learn how to structure and edit not only a small news article but a whole multimedia feature article.

Roxanne Hendrickx

Roxanne Hendrickx- Roxanne is a Public Relations student from Antwerp, Belgium. She is doing the International Journalism minor to learn about the other side of media. She already knows a lot about media and communications, but she is looking forward to learning the insights of the field of journalism and improve her writing skills.

Marion Caspar

Marion Caspar- (20)-  Marion is from Paris, France, where she has a degree in Information-Communication and Advertising. She believes her study abroad in Amsterdam will help to improve her skills in English. She already hates the weather and is missing the sun, but it’s okay because the city really is lovely.

Leonie Rothacker

Leonie Rothacker (21)- Leonie comes from Stuttgart in Germany. There, she studies Cross-media Journalism and Public Relations. She has not yet decided whether she wants to pursue a career in journalism or communication.

Amy Pelsma

Amy Pelsma (19)- Amy is 19 years old and studies Communication (international, event, music and entertainment studies) at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, the Netherlands. In the future she would like to take part in recordings of TV shows and arrange everything involved in that.

Felix Kostersitz

Felix Kostersitz (20)- Felix is from Vienna, Austria. That’s where he is studying Journalism & Media Management, and right now he’s doing his third semester as an Erasmus exchange student in Amsterdam. His goal is to someday work for a TV or radio station in Austria.

Liora Israelsohn

Liora Israelsohn (21)- Liora Israelsohn is from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Professional Communication, majoring in Journalism, at RMIT University. Liora’s passion is writing, and she aspires to be a travel reporter. However, she will also happily write about fashion, lifestyle, or anything that people will read...

Larice Schuurbiers

Larice Schuurbiers (20)- Larice is from the Netherlands, and studies Photography at AKV/St. Joost Art Academy in Breda. She aspires to be a photojournalist, specializing in human rights conflict and social injustice.

Anna Fielding

Anna Fielding (20)- Anna is a Journalism student from Perth, Australia. At home, she studies at Curtin University, doing a double major in journalism and photography. All she really knows, in terms of her ambitions, is that she loves to write and maybe someday that will turn into working as a magazine feature writer and photographer.

Valentina Kress

Valentina Kress (22)- Valentina is a Journalism student and social media enthusiast from Stuttgart, Germany, who is currently studying the minor International Journalism at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She is passionate about words, news and digital transformation and hopes to implant these interests in her future somehow.

Roselin Walgien

Roselin Walgien (22) - Roselin is a Commercial Economics student at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Before this study she graduated from the study Media Management at the Mediacollege in Amsterdam. She is born and raised in a beautiful small country that we call The Netherlands. The main subject she follows at the study Commercial Economics is Entrepreneurship and currently she is following the minor in International Journalism.

Jing de Visser

Jing Xiang (21)- Jing is from the Netherlands, and is currently studying communication media and design. She has a love for food and animals, and wants to discover things and experience them. That’s also what she’d like to do in hter work, creating new things and getting to know new people. Yeah, that sums it up. For now, she’ll just see what the future holds.

Christina Hanson

Christina Hanson (26) - Christina usually study TV and Media Production at the Danish Journalism School in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the future, she hopes to explore and share human stories about everyday life as a journalist at the public broadcasting corporation, DR.

Elif Doganyigit

Elif Doganyigit (20) - Elif is a Media and an International Relations student who is from a big city, Istanbul, Turkey. She has lived in New Hampshire, U.S.A.; now living in Amsterdam to study International Journalism. Her goal is to get into Columbia University School of Journalism and then pursue a career as a Middle East correspondent for a news outlet.

Romée van Klaveren

Romée Van Klaveren (22) - Romée studies media, information and communication at the HvA in Amsterdam. She works as a freelance journalist for different (online) magazines and besides that she has her own company called Italian Ambassadrice, an travel and lifestyle magazine.

Daniëlle de Koning

Danielle de Koning (19) - Danielle is an International Business and Management student at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She is 19 years old and I lives in Amsterdam. In her spare time she plays piano and guitar, and likes to practice her photography.

Sam van Roijen

Sam van Royen (21) - Sam is currently studying Media, Information & Communication at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. He is a true newsjunkie – not a minute goes by without him checking the latest updates on Twitter. His goal is to become a respected journalist in the Netherlands, and the dream is to ultimately become an anchor in America.

Poppy Prescott

Poppy Prescott (20) - When she’s not studying International Journalism at the HvA she study at Journalism & Media at Birkbeck, University of London. Poppy is ambitious to explore political journalism and can usually be found behind her laptop uttering ‘why’ repeatedly. Journalism rules!

Thomas van den Berg

Thomas van den Berg (25) - Thomas is born and raised in the Netherlands and has been living in his beloved Amsterdam for about four years now. This is also where he studies Media, Information and Communication, which he is hoping to wrap up in the coming year. His focus has always been on sports and hopefully he’ll end up in sports journalism or broadcasting.

Jill Paat

Jill Paat (25) -  Jill is a Media, Information & Communication student here at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She’d love to become a concept developer/ copywriter. A dream would be to have a Carrie Bradshaw-ish column on the side.

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